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If I'm not online, feel free to email me with one of the many links on this page, or just leave a message with MemoServ.

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Noticed any problems with the site? Please contact me, or another admin. Please do not contact me for support with Bukkit, CraftBukkit or any plugins listed on the wiki, you may contact me about essentials stuff, but you're probably better off going in IRC #essentials xD. I can only help with the wiki. You can contact me about spam, pages that need updating to standards, abuse and inappropriate usernames, or anything else on the wiki.

Welcome to my page :)

Hello World!

My name is Chris, I have been playing MineCraft since September 2010. I have been running a server on my computer, using hMod once I had discovered it until it stopped working for good, so it now runs on CraftBukkit. I have been helping out a lot on the BukkitWiki lately, and have now become a Volunteer Wiki Administrator, so if you need any help, read the top of this page. I gotta say that I'm loving this ParserFunctions plugin :D

My testing page :)

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