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Some problems wit the tree populator

This page has help me a lot with the basics of minecraft plugin but the tree populator doesn't seems to work well.I managed to detect the problem and is that you can't generate trees near the border of a chunk because it's 5 x 5 blocks so if it generated at the Chunk border the leaves will be outside of the border and it won't work.I modified my source code and my next 2 lines works fine.

  int X = random.nextInt(9)+3;
  int Z = random.nextInt(9)+3; 

-- User:Carrometeoro 16:22, 13 September 2019 (GMT-5)

Half of the code doesn't work

I did everything exactly as said, i do know how java works but the code for the lakes, ores and grass doesn't seem to work at all.