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What is the BukkitWiki?

The BukkitWiki is the official home of the Bukkit documentation and other help related information. As this is a wiki, anyone within the community is free to contribute information to it, provided it meets our BukkitDev:Project_Submission_Guidelines. Anything found not to meet our guidelines might be modified or removed to ensure the level of quality of the wiki remains high. By contributing to the wiki, you agree to release your writing/articles to the Bukkit Organisation to be freely modified and used wherever we deem necessary without any attribution of credit apart from the wiki Recent Changes log. While we value contributions made by the community, plastering credit all over content you've added adds clutter and makes the wiki look messy.

What is the difference between Bukkit and CraftBukkit?

Bukkit is the developer API, while CraftBukkit is a mod for the official Minecraft server that uses the Bukkit API.

Basically, Bukkit is what plugin developers work with to bring you those cool, new features that make your server fricking awesome.

CraftBukkit is what we've made so that you can use those plugins with the official Minecraft server.

Is Bukkit or CraftBukkit released yet?

Yes. The latest Recommended Build (Version) of CraftBukkit (the server software) can be found here: CraftBukkit - Where can I get it?

If you'd like to get involved, try out CraftBukkit or Bukkit and give us some feedback, please take a look at Setting up a server to get started.

Where do I download Bukkit/CraftBukkit?

For the latest recommended version of CraftBukkit go here: CraftBukkit - Where can I get it? For other versions of CraftBukkit: http://dl.bukkit.org/downloads/craftbukkit/ For Bukkit (the API for plugin developers): http://dl.bukkit.org/downloads/bukkit/ Read more of the FAQ here!

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