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Lightbulb Note: This page is for developers, server administrators should read Bukkit.yml#database

Bukkit API[]

Bukkit provides an ORM layer for accessing a database. Craftbukkit servers have a database defined in their bukkit.yml. A plugin may access the defined database if the database attribute is set to true in plugin.yml. Plugins can access the database through the Avaje Ebeans ORM by calling JavaPlugin.getDatabase().

For more information about Avaje Ebeans see the Avaje Ebeans Documentation


For an example using Ebeans ORM,

see Bukkit's HomeBukkit Plugin


Plugins that use a MySQL database use it because it is more powerful than flat-file databases. Using MySQL increases chances of server crashes unless the database is hosted externally. Your server(s) can crash from reaching maximum HDD space allocated to your server.


Lightbulb Note: Plugins are not restricted to communicating with databases through the provided ORM
Lightbulb Note: Plugins seeking direct connections with a database may do so using the Standard Java Library or other libraries.

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