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Danroth is an IRC bot for the #bukkitwiki channel, inspired by Wikkit, by resba. From the commands it has programmed in, it reads the RSS Feeds from selected websites and pushes them back out to the IRC channel for the viewer to read.

Danroth IRC Bot

Created by: Chris Ward
Version: v0.1
Server: irc.esper.net
Channel: #bukkitwiki


Commands List for Danroth

  •  !bwiki - Display most recent Wiki Edit
  •  !build - Display most recent Recommended CraftBukkit Build
  •  !dev- Display most recent CraftBukkit Development Build
  •  !help - Displays Help Screen which lists commands displayed above
  •  !rules - Displays Link to IRC Rules and a list of rules
  •  !rule <number> - Displays seperate rules for associated number (1-16)
  •  !version - Displays Version # and other information.

Replace the ! with a ^ to receive responses in a private message. Please use ^ unless you are showing someone stuff


  • Strip HTML tags
  • Allow pages starting with user, not in user namespace to notify IRC


  • 0.1 - Initial release.

Special Thanks[]

Resba for developing Wikkit, which this bot is based on.

Source Code[]