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 Beginner Level Documentation

API Tutorials

  • Basic Understanding of OOP
  • Knowledge of Programming with Java
  • Understanding of Stacktraces and how to debug

Server Tutorials

  • Ability to use system involved (Linux, Windows, etc) to manipulate files
  • Ability to use Command Line/Shell/Terminal.
  • Understand the difference between “Bukkit” and “Craftbukkit”
  • Basic Knowledge of Java (Not Programming)

Intermediate Level Documentation

API Tutorials

  • Knowledge of Java IDEs (Netbeans) (Eclipse) (IntelliJ)
  • Basic Knowledge of Bukkit API and it’s Implementation
  • Knowledge of Git and Github Repo Management
  • Knowledge of Maven
  • Knowledge of YML Creation & Management

Server Tutorials

  • Knowledge of YML Management
  • Understanding of Stacktraces and how to Debug

Advanced Level Documentation

API Tutorials

  • Through knowledge of Bukkit API and it’s implementation
  • Through knowledge of custom events and listeners
  • Through knowledge of SQL Database implementation
  • Using the scheduler
  • Bukkit and pull requests
  • Linking with Jenkins and Maven
  • Interacting and understanding NMS code

Server Tutorials

  • Thorough knowledge of MySQL
  • Understanding of OOP
  • Understanding of Bukkit API