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What Is BukkitDocs?

The BukkitDocs Project is the documentation section of the Bukkit Project. Our staff is dedicated to creating and maintaining quality documentation regarding the Bukkit Project, the Bukkit API, and Craftbukkit. Our main charge is taking care of the BukkitWiki and it's content as well as producing official documentation and tutorials.

BukkitDocs Contents

The content of BukkitDocs is a compilation of tutorials and documentation written by the BukkitDocs Team, Bukkit Developers, and Well-known/Trusted Community members. Content ranges from ground-up material written exclusively for docs and content taken from forums posts and other sources written by community members.

Community Involvement

The docs project is always looking for members who excel in creating and maintaining valid works of documentation to assist in the creation of these crucial documents. We also allow tutorials from the Wiki who are nominated to be included in the official documentation.

Wiki Inclusion

Wiki articles can be marked for inclusion in the Docs project by adding {{DocsInclude}} to the front of the article. Articles appended with this tag will be discussed by the current Docs team as well as discussed on that article's Talk Page. If everything checks out, the article will be formatted and published to the Docs system as official documentation.

Content listed on this page changes frequently, so please check back for updated or additional content listed here.

No content has been made public yet, please check back once Docs has been announced.