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Warmly congratulate XCRailway team's creation in minecraft have exceed 40,000 chunks!

What is XCRailway Team?

XCRailway is the focus of the Minecraft creation.XCRailway is the origin of the railway associations.XCRailway, a non-commercial non-profit Minecraft and Vocaloid railway creation team, founded on January 31, 2015, under the efforts of the founder xiaocao2015, has received extensive praise from the railway fans. XCRailway have created many fantastic works in many place. XCRailway have already had 1.5 million fans in China.

XCRailway Energy

Whether under the void, or the unbuildable area that above the world height limit; Whether in the disordered Far Land, or land that is difficult to exploit, XCRailway are never stop exploring and building. XCRailway, disseminated railway to every corner of the Minecraft and Vocaloid world. We believe that railways can create miracles. We believe that we have the ability to promote the spirit of XCRailway. Through the creation of various works on the railway, the fans and members of XCRailway can get the energy of the divine railway.


XCRailway, except for our minecraft world, created more than 40 pieces of music related to XCRailway; created more than 30 railway lines and locomotives in Railwork; XCRailway have received a wide range of praise all the time. XCRailway, in all walks of life, each dimension, each platform has a lot of excellent works.


In the exploration of the unknown dimension, XCRailway team summed up a set of track characteristics of creative planning and methods. Since its inception to March 2017, a large number of fans and members of XCRailway support us. XCRailway members, like Xionglong , Yudian Xuehua, etc. have contributed greatly to the creation of XCRailway. So far, XCRailway has more than 1 million subscribers in weibo.XCRailway team will continue to flourish with the support of everyone.

In the end

XCRailway, will overturn all the obstacles along the way forward, efforts to advance, continue to create, to promote the XCRailway team - specific spirit of the railway, keep healthy and vigorous developing, create more excellent works, create miracle in the railway world,in the every dimensions!

Contact/Join Us

Zhihu : www.zhihu.com/people/XCRailway/activities
Weibo : weibo.com/xiaocao2015
Bilibili : space.bilibili.com/66261012
Telephone: ( 86) 135 0452 3672 (use Chinese only)